Stockholm Comedy Contest 2017#1: Fraser Ames

Efter sommarens stora succé är Stockholm Comedy Contest  tillbaka! Vi kallar den här omgången 2017#1 (hint om att det även blir en 2017 #2) och nu är det dags att presentera våra tävlande!

Möt Fraser Ames!

(Fraser är den enda deltagaren i år som kör på engelska)

– När föddes ditt standupintresse och hur länge har du uppträtt?

I’ve been interested in jokes for as long as I can remember. I remember retelling all the jokes I’d heard to my friends when I was at school and getting a real kick out of making them laugh. Then when I was a student I’d watch a lot of comedy shows and stand-up DVDs. I was always fascinated by how saying some words in a certain way invoked such a strong, positive reaction to so many people in the audience. At this point I could never have imagined doing it myself. But in April 2015 someone I was interviewing for a project told me he was hosting a “new comedians” night for people wanting to try out stand-up comedy. I decided to give it a go and have been addicted ever since!

– Vad är bra standup comedy för dig?

The very best stand-up isn’t necessarily the stuff that makes you laugh the most. The very best stand-up avoids “cheap” jokes and instead makes you go “that was clever”. Like any good piece of theatre, litterature or film, the art behind good stand-up lies in the writing.

– Varför ska just du vinna Stockholm Comedy Contest?

Because it would be really funny if a comedy competition was won by someone who works in finance.

Fraser tävlar på torsdag 19/1. Biljetter hittar du här: Stockholm Comedy Contest Semifinal 1

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