Meet Maria Shehata.

An Egyptian-American comedian, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Maria Shehata has traveled the globe charming audiences with her unlikely blend of Mid-east and American Mid-west perspectives. On June 15th and 16th, she will be at the Club! We had the pleasure to have a little chat with her.


– Maria Shehata, welcome to Stockholm Comedy Club! You have just won Best Comedian at the Hollywood Festival of New Cinema. Wow! Tell us more about that!

– It’s a new festival for webisodes and new media, and they had a category for stand up. They told me I was going to win, and asked if I wanted to perform and I wasn’t even in town to accept my award. So I made a video and sent it for them to use instead, but I was so bummed I missed my own reward.

– Your next project, “United Ladies of Comedy”, what is that?

– United Ladies of Comedy is a documentary about female stand up comedians from all over the world. Stand up is becoming a popular art form everywhere now, and I am traveling the world to talk to these women and find out the differences and similarities between their experiences as female stand up comedians. In Singapore they love seeing female comedians and hearing about their perspectives but in Moscow they don’t yet accept emancipated women. And females all over the world are having a hard time dating.

Who is your role model in standup comedy and why?

– My role model is Louie CK. He is very confessional, and genuine, and funny. And he creates! From his stand up to his tv show to his web series, he’s always producing content and that’s very inspiring.

And, of course, I have to ask: how do you like performing in Stockholm?

– I love performing in Stockholm! I want to record my special there, the audiences love stand up and the shows are some of the most fun I’ve had in comedy.

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