Meet Justin Herman!

From time to time, we have international stars at Stockholm Comedy Club – and tonight, we have the pleasure to welcome Justin Herman! Read my interview with this multi talented American:

– Hello Justin! Welcome to Stockholm Comedy Club! You are a director, writer, producer and standup comedian. How did it all start? What came first?

– Thanks so much for having me! 

I studied film at University, where my projects were almost exclusively comedically inclined. It was great because I think the true value of film school is to fail in a vacuum and I excelled at that. But my true beginnings came after graduation when my friend and I self produced a comedic travel show pilot that I also directed, wrote, edited and co-hosted called ‘Road Trip’ that you definitely shouldn’t look up. I was proud of it at the time and used it as a calling card to eventually get my first producing job on an international travel show for television. That was almost 10 years ago. Since then almost all my pursuits have been geared towards teaching people about the world or making them laugh.

– You are a world class content creator (from Comedy Central to Animal Planet)  – how do you go about creating content on stage?

– When I have a new idea, I’ll either write it out or I’ll record myself discussing the premise to feel it out conversationally. If I get far enough along that it feels like a worthwhile point of view to share and a well structured joke or series of jokes:

1. I test it on an audience.

2. I tweak and refine and test again; then I tweak and refine and test again.

3. I drill it until I’m bored with every word I’ve ever written.

4. I gradually learn to hate myself and everyone that cares about me.

5. I try the joke again and either lock it into the roster or put it aside to revisit six months later.

6. Repeat. 

Also, I tweet a lot of premises (@justinmherman !) and base my self worth on likes and retweets (@justinmherman !)

– Is this your first time performing in Sweden?

– This is my inaugural trip to Sweden, yes! I’m so thrilled to be here, I’m taking way too many pictures and sincerely regretting my use of the word ‘inaugural’ in my previous sentence.

– In just a few weeks time, we will have our annual Stockholm Comedy Contest. If you would give just one piece of advice to a new standup comedian, what would it be? 

– For the love of God, Help us make fun of Donald Trump. He seems impervious to insults, and sunscreen.

For better or worse, I’ve got a very American / New York City brand of intensity where I have to work so hard that all I have left at the end of the day are self deprecating answers to blog interviews. 

When I was a kid, if I got cocky my Dad would like to remind me, “You may think you’re great now, but someone will always be better, stronger or smarter than you.” The only way to compete with that is to work harder. So work harder; write more, get on stage at all opportunities. When you think you’re good, go to the oversaturated markets of New York and London and see if you can hang. 

Stand up is a long road that takes patience. No other experience is a substitute for getting in the reps on stage.

And if you work hard enough, one day you too could say in a blog interview, “Who’s got the best answer in this blog post NOW, Dad!?”

Justin Herman

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