Meet David T Weaver

One very good thing about Swedes is that they go abroad and then bring back talented people home with them. Thanks to love, we’ve gained quite a few internationals stars on the Swedish standup stage, and David T Weaver is one of them. We’ve had a chance to chat with him.


David T square

– Hi David! Lovely to have you at Stockholm Comedy Club. Please give us a little more background on your standup comedy career: how long have you been performing?  

– I started stand up here in Stockholm in October of 2010.

– When and how did you discover your passion for comedy? 

– I had been performing on stage in an acting group called “Tom Thumb Front Row Players” with world renowned director Lester Nesky since I was 10 years old as well as TV commercials, print and fashion shows with an agent in New York called “Bonnie Kidd”. As a teenager I joined my high school drama troop and performed in many stage productions and when I made the move from New Jersey to Arizona I signed with a new agent “Grissom Agency of Talent and Modeling”. As an adult I came to realize I missed being on stage and the fact that I am a funny mother f#&%er led me to think I could do stand up. So far so good.

– You are one of comedians who moved here for love (thank Nina for that!). How would you describe the difference in stand up comedy in Sweden and in the USA?

– Stand up in the US is of course a bit tougher, tougher crowds, tougher promoters and just a ton of tougher competition. Here in Sweden I feel spoiled with lot’s of stage time and an audience that seems more engaged in my material that wouldn’t make sense to do in the US. I feel a bit more appreciated here.  

– Do you often go back to America to perform? 

– I just did four shows at Laff’s Comedy Cafe in Tucson AZ. Was fantastic crowds and I feel compared to the last time I performed there, a year and a half ago, I was much more comfortable with my material and my stage presence. Laff’s is a very prestigious club where the likes of Robin Williams, Pablo Francisco, Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneres And Many, Many Household Names Started Their Careers On The Very Same Stage I Stood On. But I Held My Own And Crushed All Four Shows!

– Have you ever tried to do standup in Swedish? 

– NEJ!!!

We have seen you in the Harry Boy commercial – are there plans for any more TV for you? What are you up for next? 

– Yes, absolutely. I just auditioned for a FORD TV spot, have done close to twenty voice overs for various clients and will become the spokes person for a new Swedish company who will be doing a lot of spending on marketing for TV, voice and print. I also have a small role in an upcoming film being shot in the US currently by the man behind “Catch Me If You Can” Michael J. Lasky.

– And last but not least…. what does T stand for in David T Weaver? 

– HA! cruel joke on my parents behalf. My grandfathers middle name was “Talmon”, but in the hospital when I was born my mother couldn’t remember the spelling so she put it down on my birth certificate as “Tallman”….which I am not…..tall that is!

David T

David T Weaver will perform at Stockholm Comedy Club on Saturday July 23rd. Get your tickets here (link)!