Meet Anthony Jeannot!

Anthony Jeannot, Australia’s finest, will be performing at Stockholm Comedy Club on Friday September 23rd. We got a chance to talk to him a bit more about standup comedy in Australia and his project “Rage against the Man Child”

– Welcome to Sweden! All the way from Australia! Is this your first time in Sweden? What are your thoughts about performing for the Swedish audience?

– Sweden has been wonderful so far and I’ve spent most of today walking around Stockholm. It’s very beautiful.

This is my first time in Sweden and only my second time doing gigs outside of Australia (I spent a week in London in 2014).

It was fantastic to see so many people out at an open mic gig on a Tuesday. That’s not something that is always a given in many places I’ve performed around Australia and the Swedish audience were very kind. I was a little worried at first that some jokes might get lost in translation (more culturally than language as I have already witnessed how fluent you all are in English). But the audience were very kind so I’m really excited that it is no problem and it makes it very easy to relax and have fun on stage.

– Tell us more about Rage against the Man Child!

– Rage against the man child was my second solo show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival which I performed for 22 nights. It was a story telling stand up show about growing up and trying to figure out who you wanted to be as a child and how that compares to who you’ve become as an adult. There were also jokes ?

– To most Swedes, Australia is really exotic! What is standup comedy like in Australia?

– Melbourne has the world’s 3rd biggest comedy festival – every year for 22 nights there are over 500 comedy shows in the festival. Almost all of our radio presenters and many tv hosts come from a stand up background. So there are a lot of people who try to get into comedy. Outside of the festival there is one big professional club in Melbourne and one in Sydney. And in both Melbourne and Sydney there are 3 or 4 open mic gigs a night. But because of the festival and because there are so many gigs around town a lot of these open mic gigs have smaller audiences.

We have a lot of local famous comics who have media jobs and don’t tour so much. Then there are famous Australians like Jim Jefferies, Adam Hills, Sam Simmons and Ronnie Chieng who have all left for huge success in the US and UK.

It’s a great place to do comedy though. It’s a pretty arty city and there is a diversity of rooms. So some places are great for alternative stuff and others are great for club jokes.

– When and how did you discover you passion for standup comedy? Who, if any, are your role models in standup comedy?

– I discovered my love of stand up through the festival. Every year from when I was about 14 I used to go watch shows. 10 years later I decided I needed to give it a go.

I think my comedy role models have been Daniel Kitson, Wil Anderson (a local comic), Simon Amstell and Louis CK. I love comedians who immerse you in a story so that the jokes hit you by surprise because they feel so natural.

Come and see Anthony Jeannot LIVE at Stockholm Comedy Club on Friday September 23rd!