In English


Welcome to Stockholm Comedy Club – the club where the elite of Swedish standup meets the up and coming stars! This is what we do:

  • Club nights at Sveavägen 36
  • Stockholm Pod Club – podcast recording with live studio audience
  • Stockholm Comedy Contest – annual search for next comedy Superstar
  • Corporate gigs and special events – you either bring your staff/guests to us, or we’ll come to you

We love entertaining in English! So we do a lot of English Comedy Nights. General rule: if the event description is in English, then the show is all English.

We do have A LOT of English speaking comedians who pop by regularly, however, the rest of it will be in Swedish if the event info is in Swedish. (You are most welcome anyway, but bring a nice friend who is really fast at translating!)

Everything we do in Swedish can be done in English upon request. Contact the owner Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund at

Most welcome to us!

(Cover Model: David T Weaver – one of our regulars and favorite English speaking comedians)